Tech Trends In The Film Industry

People who love science fiction movies always wait for new stories that depict unknown worlds and universes. It enlivens the places and characters contemplated by the fans or read in books. Since the beginning, the game is about trying to predict the trends in this genre. The technological advances are the main reason behind the trends in sci-fi movies.

  • The use of drones

Autonomous drones have been invented, but this is only a sensational initiation. Fully autonomous or the sentient drones come with inbuilt knowledge and algorithms for everything regarding filmmaking such as the filmmaking techniques to the corrective obstacle avoidance. It would also provide an open source technology for the development of drone cinematographers.

In the case of low budget film makers, drones help in getting the required shot easily, such as the aerial footage. Aerial views are possible without the helicopters or other bulky accessories. Also, drones execute a director’s artistic vision easily. But it has certain shortcomings such as short battery life and lack of quality, which needs to be improved.

  • 4k+ 3D Technology and the  Dual Camera VR

The perfect example of virtual reality is the Lucid VR’s LucidCam which is the first and the only 4K 3D VR live production camera ever developed. It helps in live streaming to the mobile handset or the VR headset in a few seconds. Besides its small size, this cam comes with a wide range of possibilities for mounting as well as attaching it to drones.

The dual camera VR involves binocular 360 viewing and recording, which has a high potential of becoming a way of the future.

  • Development of algorithm editing technologies

This is being developed by the researchers at MIT. It has a high potential to replace humans in film and video editing fields. Or at least it can make the editing task much easier. The futuristic “Computational Video Editing” would comprise innovations in facial recognition, automatic labelling, and idiom appliance.

  • AI-Developer Screenplays

The NYU researchers have developed an AI technology that has named itself Benjamin and has written screenplays such as Sunspring. This was a short sci-fi about 3 people in a love triangle.Benjamin has also successfully composed a pop song after learning from about 30000 pop songs. This portrays the capability of AI in creativity.

  • AI Sound Design

Sound designers are able to combine sound effects and assign realistic sounds to silent footage through the use of AI bots.The researchers in Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Labin MIT recorded 1000 drumstick scraping and hitting real-world objects videos and fed them into the computer system. Then the system learns this. If this becomes available at low budget them filmmakers can get the perfect effects for their productions in the least possible duration.