Top 10 Most Expensive Hollywood Movies

Great movies cost great. It is very understandable that, for producing a blockbuster movie, which would leave people awestruck, a heavy amount of money would be needed. Without a great amount of investment, nothing comes out well. There are many cost inducing factors to remember while creating a movie. The set, the costumes, the characters and so on. For everything to be high-class and of top-quality, a light hand on the pocket is needed. It is a highly risky gamble though. It is not necessary that a movie with a staggering budget would earn a staggering amount of money. The movie can be a flop and a disgrace to the investors. But, still the craze for heavy budget movies prevails. People go to watch movies which have invested big time in the making. Thought they turn out to be flops, they still at least attract the money spent.
Here are the top 10 most expensive movies the Hollywood has produced:


Titanic was a blockbuster movie. And the cost for making it was even more blockbuster! The movie costed for 200 million USD! The set was alone of 150 million USD. Several shots were only one-time shots where the actors were given only a single chance to produce the perfect scene because the set was so expensive, there was no chance of a second attempt! However, the movie paid off well and was value for money.

King Kong

This movie had a staggering 207 million USD budget. The initial budget was intended to be somewhere between 100 million but, as the movie progressed, it went above the 200 mark. It was a long movie and, unlike other long movies, it made good money. Thanks to the special effects on which, healthy money was spent.


This movie costed for 237 million dollars! The movie was made with utmost precision and special effects were used like never before. Many high-class actors were hired and famous scriptwriter were called to make this movie a masterclass. It paid off well.


This movie had a heavy budget of 245 million dollars! Obviously, it is a James Bond’s movie and he knows nothing better than a healthy movie budget.

Avengers, age of Ultron

This movie had a budget of 250 million dollars! The cast demanded for heavy pay checks and it had to be given providing the quality and fame they hold by their name. With this, the effects, the locations, the airplanes etc, together made up a high budget for the film. It all paid off as the movie made a total of 1.3 billion dollars worldwide.

Spiderman 3

This movie had a budget of whopping 258 million dollars! The craze for spider had been faded and people were getting bored of the same plot again and again. Spider man 3 was no different and it didn’t pay off well.


This was an animation movie and costed a staggering 260 million dollars. The movie mostly used up the money in several remakes. The movie was very entertaining and paid off well.

John Carter

This movie was the biggest flop for Disney. It costed a staggering 268 million dollars and paid off just 200 million dollars.

Water world

This movie costed 271 million dollars and didn’t pay off well. The critics were highly unimpressed.

Pirate of the Caribbean, on stranger tides

This movie costed a whopping 397 million dollars! Of course, it would cost that much as its featuring Johnny Depp! The movie did pretty well at the box office.