Top 10 Most Talented Hollywood Actors

Hollywood is a Los Angeles, California neighborhood home to the prestigious United States film industry of course. Considered as the world’s entertainment capital, Hollywood is full of multi-talented individuals who run the international film industry. Actors with immense talent grace the stages and the screens and we can only appreciate all that they do.

It is almost impossible to select only 10 actors from a pool of very talented individuals in Hollywood. Let us give it a try as we also give some of the reasons, we consider them to be the most talented.

Denzel Washington

Acting seems to be in his DNA, playing roles with ease and getting into character in every role he plays has to be among the reasons why Denzel stands out. Movies like American Gangster, Equalizer 1 and 2, John Q and Unstoppable are some of the fan favorites.

Edward Norton

One of the most energetic and entertaining actors in Hollywood, Edward Norton’s performances in movies leaves viewers thirsty for more, his roles in American History X, Fight Club, The Illusionist, and Birdman won the hearts of many making his movies classics.

Jim Carrey

Famous for the hilarious role he played in The Mask, Jim Carrey is not just a comical actor. He has had stellar performances playing roles in The Truman Show and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

Will Smith

Virtually impossible to compile a most talented actors list and forget to mention him. Will Smith is among the established actors in Hollywood with a huge fan base from around the world. Be it comedy, thrillers or action movies, this guy has got what it takes.

Leonardo Di Caprio

If you are a movie enthusiast, the name Leonardo Di Caprio sends a thrilling feeling down your spine. An actor who has grown right in front of our TV screens giving us breathtaking performances with every movie he is featured.

Brad Pitt

A well-established actor in Hollywood with some of the movies, Brad Pitt is arguably among the best of the best Hollywood actors. Hard to single out his best movie from a catalog like Money Ball, Troy, Fury, 12 Monkeys, Se7en, you name it.

Tom Hanks

One of Hollywood’s favorite of all time respected and admired fulfills every role he is cast for and plays every character to perfection from his role in Captain Philips, Cast Away, Forrest Gump, The Terminal and your best Tom Hanks movie.

Robert De Niro

This man has a vast array of experience with most of his movies being considered to be the most influential in the world and regarded among the greatest of all time.

Tom Cruise

He has the looks and body posture of a movie star with a very charismatic smile to sum it all up. Tom Cruise has acted in some of the most entertaining action movies like Mission Impossible, Top Gun, Collateral, Oblivion, the list is endless.

Jackie Chan

Hong Kong’s world-renowned movie star who has a bubbly and lovable personality has entertained the world with his action-packed martial arts movies.