Worst movies of all time

Worst movies of all time. Sometimes the people behind a movie can have all the right intentions and still end up giving you the worst type of film you have ever watched. Some of these movies were made by and acted out by the greats. It is so unfortunate when you really cannot have the desired effect on an audience that you wished to show your creative side. This is why you should only look forward to a well-designed and directed film when you choose one to watch. These are some of the worst films in history.

  • Baby Geniuses 2.

Why anyone would want to create a sequel to an already failing movie is beyond all of us. How can a person claim to want to create comical content that is barely funny? This was the case in 2004 when the sequel of baby genius was produced. The movie centers around 4 babies who can communicate to each other via baby talk. The children are being hunted down by a mogul who wants to use their powers to brainwash the entire world to watch TV forever. The film was plagued by bad visuals and the very uninteresting plot. Most of the scenes were not seamless and ended up being very uncomfortable to watch.

  • Ben and Arthur

Well over the years we have become more accepting of the LGBT community. It was no wonder then that as the world turned to the next century more and more people felt the need to give a representation of the community on screen is a sign of acceptance and also to motivate those still in the closet to be freed. This film was so bad that it received the harshest criticism from the LGBT community itself. From the horrible props and low budget this was the worst way to portray the gay community. A carton made cross in a church and cookies for a candle lit dinner the movie was a joke from the get go.

  • From Justin to Kelly.

From Justin to Kelly was a film that was made for the American idol stars. The film which had very low rating at the box office has been one of the worst made in history. It almost toppled The Room another equally bad film from its throne. This is because the film lacked a very concessive plot. The relationships seemed meaningless and did not seem well thought out all through. Despite the good intention of the film makers they did not think through the musical very well.

  • The Room.

This one must be the worst one in the entire list. The unresolved sub plots will be the least annoying thing in the entire film. You will notice that the film has so many of those very annoying sex scenes that really do not make any sense. The film is meant to center around a banker whose friends betray him one by one. Though it was said to be a black comedy it did not live up to any standards.

  • Striptease.

Based on novel of the same name this movie was totally worth the criticism it received. The movie which was acted by Demi Moore was one of the worst films in the history of Hollywood. Some critics even said that this film was a  great reminder of the fact that at any given time Hollywood can churn out the worst films ever.