Exciting Movies About Nature

From tsunamis and tornadoes to volcanoes and asteroids, the Hollywood movies include everything even humans fighting with Mother Nature aiming to survive. Today, it is impossible to deny the climate change problems. There is a near-distant future that humans have built aiming to combat extreme weather conditions. Here are a few natural disaster movies:

The Day After Tomorrow (2004)

Disaster films are appealing as they are the foremost promising incredibly bad scenes and special effects indicating the bad to happen and creating widespread panic. These movies dramatize the science laws and Day After Tomorrow goes full-force about how the climate changes takes place with a message and informs hog threatening it can be to kill may people and destroy the world.

Dennis Quaid playes a paleoclimatologist warning about a destructive storm to the government and the patterns of the extreme weather that is ushering the world into ICE AGE. No one believes him and anyway it happens, the Tsunamis, Floods, Snow and Total destruction. The storm leading to flash freezing has its impact.

Snowpiercer (2013)

Snowpiercer is also a favorite movie that takes place on traveling on a train carrying around the world the climate disaster survivors, including a rugged Chris Evans leading the role of having resistance against the wealthy class. There are lots of lessons revealed in this movie to know about the social hierarchy nature, corruption that is in apocalyptic conditions.

The Perfect Storm (2000)

This is an ideal choice causing horrific damage as Wolfgang Petersen directs the Das Boot, the epic submarine thriller to helm adaptation of the weather events collided in 1991 and the way it caused horrific damage. The main focus was on the boat Andrea Gail, the commercial fishing and it features a working class stiff’s crew and this includes George Clooney, John Hawkes, Mark Wahlberg and John C Reilly. This movie is perfect megastardom movie. The film creates a stomach-gnawing tension.

The Wave (2015)

This is a thriller that outdoes all the other American disaster movies maintaining the spectacle and suspense. This Norwegian film reveals what happens as a mountain collapses, triggering a tsunami promising to devastate in ten minutes the Geiranger, the peaceful coastal town.

The hero is the geologist warning of imminent collapse, but also prioritizes saving his wife and son trapped in a hotel underwater. In ten minutes it is far-fetched, the director has done a fascinating job in depicting the events with white-knuckle tension and breathless immediacy. The film receives bonus points and the entire focus is only on the hero’s family. The wave is perfectly impressive and looks amazing as in The Perfect Storm.

Deepwater Horizon

Deepwater Horizon is a movie from an amazing director, Peter Berg who also brought Lone Survivor. He always presents a powerful story and Deepwater Horizon lies between a dramatic retelling of an incident and a disaster movie. Mark Wahlberg did convincing role as a regular oil rig worker finding within strength. Kate Hudson’s vulnerable wife act calms the chaos, definitely a visually rich movie.