Famous Hollywood actors from the 50s

Let’s go back to a simpler time. At a time when being famous really meant something. Yes we do not men to take away from all the online stars but let’s just be honest you cannot in one way or the other match that to the fame of the 1950s. Here being super star meant everyone who knew you heard it over the radio or by word of mouth. Many people know that to get a word of mouth referral can be almost impossible seeing as there is a bunch of click baits and auto tuned artists now. Below is a list of just some of the most influential and mazing stars of the 50s.

Marilyn Monroe.

Who else had a more elusive more drama filled personal life than this sultry star? The fact that she was rumored to be a presidents mistress is some of the least most shocking facts about her. She was listed in some of the greatest actors of that era when she starred in the leading or supporting roles of the most famous films of that time. From gentlemen prefer blondes to other productions she is one of the most well-remembered stars to date. She had acting skills top of the game. Monroe created the classic Hollywood star image.

John Wayne.

This is another name that you will find to be very familiar when you think of movies in the 50s. John Wayne is known for all the serious roles he played as the male lead in most of his movies. He was a force to reckon with in the movies. He was termed as one of the greatest actors alive I his era. No one else can claim they have seen a movie so well played by the male protagonist if they haven’t watched one of John Wayne’s movies.

Clark Gable.

This man was a bonafide star in the 1950s. He starred in what we can call the most important films of that decade. Some of those films such as gone in the wind have been re made by several production companies. No one however can truly, mimic the essence that was John Wayne. His death in 1960 was a horrible blow to the acting community. Other films he starred in include Misfits, It Happened One Night and many others.

Elizabeth Taylor.

When we think about Elizabeth Taylor we are thinking about all the good movies in the 50s. Those female roles that made you want to gush your heart out to your crush. This 50s star was literally born to do this as she started out being a child actor on most shows in the 40s. People watched as she blossomed into a young woman with a very important role on A PLACE IN THE SUN and Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. These movies were important features in that decade.

There are many other actors and famous people in this list that have not been mentioned but played a huge role in the film and entertainment industry.