Must Watch Spy Movies

The tales of espionage has always been fascinating people and from the top exploits of spies to the quieter ones under the radar, it may include the actions of an alluring genre, and humble intelligence analysts. There are tropes and it has a versatile film style. Here is a collection of the best spy movies and these films are the best within the genre and not Bond films list. They are action thrillers to suspense flicks offering few espionage tales worth watching.

ARGO – 2012

Directed by Ben Affleck, this film is a true story drama of how a CIA operation takes place. It is about rescuing six U.S diplomats from Tehran using Tony Mendez, a name used to film a fake movie. This movie is complicated at times and there is hilarious concept making it really interesting. Thus it made for several awards, two Golden Globes and three Oscars.


The three Bourne flicks earned it. They have revealed an adrenaline fueled suspense and consistent action. There is a novel in the same name based on the novel of Robert Ludlum. The identity of Bourne follows the Jason Bourne story, a man with severe amnesia. He tries to get his identity and his position as a CIA conspiracy. This is a spy thriller and the movie does well and there is hard grit to show success.


Burn after Reading is a strict spy movie. It involves CIA directly as the plot part and this earns a good spot in this movie. Cohen brothers offer the same dialogue and the slapstick close level comedy is in the story. If you love spy movies and enjoy comedies, this is a must watch movie.


The Brosnan years were skeptical regarding the Bond franchise. After 1953 a series based on Ian Fleming novel made them think new. There is unequivocal style and it assists the Bond recent films that have the earlier movies campiness and give a no-nonsense demeanor.


Robert Ebert called his film to be beautifully executed and spellbinding. The plot in this film is old and is yet the best thrillers of all times. This is a political action drama and if you want something new, this movie is full of action and is for you.


Tom Clancy Jack Ryan, a CIA analyst who turned as action hero came in different movies and he gave the best character depiction. The Hunt for Red October is a good movie that has the character in a cold war crisis center trying to please the U.S. Navy about a rogue soviet submarine captain wishing to defect the U.S prior to violence erupting between American and Russian navies. Sean Connery was the sub captain and the characters of his crewmen shine in this film that it is a must-watch, despite the fact that you are not keen on spy movies.