Ranking Of Fast And Furious Characters

The Fast and Furious film started as a street racing rip-off has gone on to become the most popular movie of all times. Audiences still like the danger-defying adventures of this crew. The characters in this movie are more dangerous in the later movies as they call from the sky, jump between buildings and punch people hard to fly out. Each time the character of Fast & Furious is dangerous that before.

Ranking Of Fast And Furious Characters

Here is a ranking of the Fast & Furious characters:


Deckard Shaw

If he wants someone dead, it means they are dead. One good thing is that he is to the hero’s side. This person is unstoppable nature force. Once he got with Dom Toretto into a chicken game, with each driving a car and Deckard Shaw did not think a minute to smash head-on into Toretto and he emerged with hardly a scratch from the wreck. Moreove, he is being played by Jason Statham, a proficient man in fighting styles, anytime.

Dom Toretto

Dom Toretto is above Luke Hobbs, but when Toretto and Hobbs in Fast Five got into a fight, the winner was Toretto. He bought Hobbs on the floor and was stopped by his sister to be civil and spared Hobbs from receiving a wrench on his face. There was a time when both were at odds, but are now close allies.

Luke Hobbs

Carrying a mingun, redirecting a missile with bare hands, and taking helicopters down, is Luke Hobbs. This guy is pretty tough, a superhero. Nothing can stop him and he is indestructible, practically invincible. You shoot in the head and he spit the bullet out.

Ranking Of Fast And Furious Characters

Gisele Yashar

Gisele inFast & Furious is a strong character, she is the female empowerment. She prides as being on one-upping men team and uses her beauty to advantage. She enjoys distracting enemy men to put their guard down and at the same time love to kick ass as the guys do.

Brian O’Conner

In the movie typical action fashion, Brian O’Conner works as an agent of FBI, without breaking the law and was a bit hypocrite. He found his niche once he was hired to perform government’s dirty work, he started as a gun. In typical action movie fashion, even when Brian O’Conner was an FBI agent, he wasn’t above breaking the law in order to solve a case, which made him a bit of a hypocrite. But when he stopped being a man of the law and started being a gun for hire to do the government’s dirty work, he seemed to find his niche. Brian may not be a dangerous character, but cannot be regarded as least dangerous.

Letty Ortiz

This is unkillable character. She was believed to be dead, but only her car was blown up and she actually crawled away. She came with vengeance and there was a need to watch out for her.

Roman Pearce

Roman Pearce is the butt of every joke. He is Brian O’Conner’s childhood friend and is not actually a great fighter. His wits are troublesome and so he need not be a deadly assassin.

Tej Parker

Tej Parker does not involve physical character. He keeps away from combats and is not in car-related action. He is only for the technical side, street connections and successful auto parts business.

Han Lue

Han Lue is likable and is a cool guy character. But for Giseles, Han would be dead. However he is not really fearsome.

Mia Toretto

The conscience of Mia will not allow killing and the ideal of fighting and killing is not her choice. She does not commit herself in crimes and tunes a blind eye to her work and does not wish to get involved. However, she wanted no revenge with Deckard Shaw and helped in Rio, without any killing involved.