Tomb Raider

If you ever watched Tomb raider in the early 2000s, you would understand how synonymous Angelina Jolie is with Lara Croft. Lara, as described, was presented as a highly intelligent, athletic, adventurous woman. Directed by Roar Uthaug, Lara Croft was played by a Swedish character. However, the arrival of Alicia Vikander hasn’t hit the industry as we have expected and it’s of little amazement. As a critics say ” the spirit of Angelina Jolie is around “. In a role Angelina Jolie wore as her own, Alicia has tried to fit in. Not a bad try but she might have to grow into the role.

Unlike the archaeologist we’ve seen in the past, Lara Croft is a poor rich kid living on the street of London. She lives off as a bike messenger and kick boxing in her off hours. Her zillionaire father, Richard, (who sounded more like the real Tomb Raider at the outset) leaves his empire and searches out for the Japanese goddess of death. He doesn’t return home and he is labelled dead after years.   Refusing to accept either his death or her inheritance, Alicia ends up taking her daddy issues to Asia.

In a moment, we’re stowed away to Asia where Lara is the only female face on an island full of assorted castaways, cretins, hired guns and slaves. Lara ended up looking threatened on an island of desperate men.  We saw at first a character who was frightened and unsure (an unfamiliar Lara), which was something that’s not often shown about heroes on the large screen.

Little wonder we have a change in shorts, unlike the picture Angelina Jolie portrayed as an adventurer, Alicia comes along wearing a long pant. I think that is a better idea given the fact how female heroes and superheroes have been unduly sexualized. Tomb Raider takes our mind away from the body seeking the attention of a female and instead we have the movie to bother about. Thumbs up to the film director.

Getting on a ship is fun, capsizing isn’t. After Lara boards, Lu Ren’s ship (funny, it is called Endurance), the ship capsized and Lara is washed ashore where she lies unconscious. It didn’t take long for the antagonist, Matthias Vogel, to come around and play the good Samaritan in reviving her.  Here, we got a hint into the organization, Trinity, who intends to harness Himiko’s power and make weapons from it. In subsequent series, we might be seeing a handful of Trinity around the movie. Vogel tells Lara that he killed her father (who says such a thing?), and intends using his research to find the queen of death.

Lara escapes and during her escapades, we saw the beauty of her survival skills we’ve always loved. At the aircraft scene, there was a large probability that a young woman with little jungle skills can make it through. She gets to meet her supposedly dead father who wants her to return. For me, after this scene, I believe the Tomb Raider movie we wanted to see started. With a bow, Lara almost got away with defeating Vogel but her father’s life was at stake. Opening the gateway, more truths about who Himiko was were seen. Unlike how history painted her, she sounded the true hero even blocking out the path to get involved with her. The Croft discovers the queen was a carrier of a virus that causes immediate degeneration.

Richard gets infected and blows off the tomb while Lara returns home. There she finds evidences that Ana Miller might be a Trinity member. At the end, we see our heroine buying the typical Lara’s gun-Heckler & Koch USP Match with stainless slide. The Tomb Raider opened our eyes to the girl power. Ciao.