Box Office Flops

Iron Giant
Budget: $80 Million
Box office gross: $31.3 Million

Here we have a film that barely made it into the cinemas. It happened to be Brad Birds first film from the man behind Mission impossible, The Incredibles and Ratatouille. In rotten tomatoes it received a 96 percent critic rating as well as an 89 percent rating for audience. This movie didn’t go well at the box office however it eventually found the success on cable which is still surprising.

Edge of Tomorrow
Budget: $178 Million
Box office gross: $369 Million

This film cannot be called a flop but when you are talking in terms of budget and sales the action flick did underperform. The title was a disaster and the marketing of the film as also a disaster. People were not impressed with the advertising posters only saying Live, Die and repeat. A post-apocalyptic alien type movie was not giving out any hints with those three words, people had no idea what type of movie meant those three words. It had some good parts to it however with plenty of action and a little humour from Emily Blunt who was quite entertaining. Perhaps if there is ever a number two they can work on the title to create something more meaningful to the movie.

Shawshank Redemption
Budget: $25 Million
Box office gross: $28.3 Million

This is a film that everyone has something good to say about it and it is a movie we remember so well. It really is a movie that needs to be seen by everyone it is a true masterpiece movie. However it may be a masterpiece but that doesn’t mean it did well at the box office. Unfortunately it didn’t go well at the box office even though there was plenty of love for this movie. Shawshank redemption received seven Oscar nominations and won best picture. The film didn’t actually become a hit until it reached VHS and cable. Morgan Freeman was the one who gave it the hard to pronounce title.

Atlantis The Lost Empire
Budget: $120 million
Box office gross: $186 million

This was a Disney that much to surprise of Disney fans that actually underperformed. This film ended up coming out at the end of Disney’s animated era which was when people were already getting involved in the animated computer technology.
There were risks taken with this movie which seemed to be the reason for the bit of a flop this movie had however the results were amazing. This is a film that is charming but also has some entertaining humour to break it up to.

Wizard of Oz
Budget: $2.7 million
Box office gross: $3 million

This film is a classic and is loved by many. It is quite a surprise to know that Dorothy and her “different” friends didn’t do too well in the box office. This is a film that no matter how many remakes are done and how good they are done none will stand up to the original.

Citizen Kane
Budget: $839,000
Box office gross: $1.5 million

Another one listed as one of the best films of all time. Citizen Kane is a movie that everyone wants to see so they can appear to be fancy and cultured. In 1941 this masterpiece arrived but only half as good as expected. There was a huge lack in the box office performance but it did however gain nine Oscar nominations.

It’s A Wonderful Life
Budget: $3.18 Million
Box office gross: $3.3 Million

It may be hard to believe that this movie was an absolute stink in the box office performance, This movie is now a Christmas movie but there was no love for it when it hit the cinemas in 1946.  The movie was seen as to upbeat for the time and seemed to give a false understanding of what life is all about.