6 Great Comedy Movies from 2018

The year 2018 was a year full of chaos, some harrowing news cycles brought a bright spot in the craziness and there were some best comedies. From the surreal and unexpected (Sorry to Bother You) to Can You Ever Forgive Me?; to the simple fun Game Night, Isle of Dogs, were the hilarious movies that allowed taking your mind to enjoy a few hours of fun. Some of the comedy movies released in 2018 included:

6 Great Comedy Movies from 2018

Love, Simon (March release)

Simon has the focus as a gay lead and there are mistaken identities, betrayal, and ill-conceived matches, together making sense for a bunch of kids. Berlanti and the rising stars showered the abundance of warmth and Love Simon literally tugs in the right ways your heartstrings. There is Natasha Rothwell eliciting a guffaw each time she speaks.

Book Club (May release)

Book Club appeared on the Instagram top and has its legendary stars at the eclipse. However, they do not underestimate Diane Keaton, Mary Steenburgen, Jane Fonda, and Candice Bergen. There is no doubt that this movie Book Club is not technically strong, but is packed with moments and innuendo that are goofy and has some CGI and a sequence.

Set It Up (June release)

Set It Up was a funnier option, though it was not a strong movie. Lucy Liu and Taye Diggs are two old pros. They are the two bosses , Rick and Kirsten, from hell demanding natures to make their underlings, Powell and Deutch lives miserable. The assistants alleviate this burden by playing matchmaker on their social lives. They orchestra for Kirsten and Rick to fall in love, while the palpable chemistry of Powell and Deutch, has lots to bring with as over-the-top antics.

To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before ( Aug release)

This movie is sure to flutter your heart. It has a ripe plot arising with Lara Jean Covey love letters and this gets mailed accidentally to her crushes and especially reaches Peter Kavinsky with whom she starts a contractual faux relationship. It is skeptical at some places, though is fun to watch.

6 Great Comedy Movies from 2018

Ocean’s Eight ( June release)

Anne Hathway is an image-obsessed star truly elevating the Oceans franchise. Sabdra Bullock and Cate Blanchett have chemistry and this is not seen as sexual. Rihanna is the hacker in the coolest form, while Anna Wintour brings a laugh of her brief cameo. They take a backseat and watch stars working magic as the strut in high fashion.

Juliet, Naked ( Aug release)

The title gives a feel of being a porno film, but it is not. This is a romantic comedy revealing big regrets in life and music fandom. Rose Byrne is a woman running a local museum. She is in a relationship with Duncan, a college professor. He is obsessed with Tucker Crowe, a musician who just made an album and vanished. In anger, Annie posts a negative comment on Tucker forum and he reaches to develop correspondence. Tucker and Anne make a perfect match and the courtship makes a perfect sense.