The Best Rom-Coms For a First Date

As a gentleman, you would at all costs ensure everything goes right on your first date. This is why you need just the best romantic comedies for a date night to make that precious moment memorable. Here’s the list of those comedies that surely will set a future long lasting relationship.

The Best Rom-Coms For a First Date

Silver Linings Playbook

This firecracker of a movie saw Jennifer Lawrence earn her first Oscar. The film deals with the hardships of life while showcasing wonderful performances directed by David. O’Russell. Looking for a silver lining? Silver Lining Playbook’s got you.

Before Sunrise

As Ethan Hawke and Julie Delpy travel through Europe, they begin to form a relationship which at first is simple friendship. With time, as they get to know each other very well in their walks and talks, it starts dawning on them that love is around the corner with just a few steps to take. You would surely not want to miss out the Richard Linklater dialogue which has received all the five stars.

When Harry met Sally…

This is the type of comedy which has refused to play follow the rules. The film revolves around two amazing characters who interestingly begin to fall in love in their 12 years of casual encounters. With director Bob Reiner currently being on his best form, the movie remains to be one of his best. The romance accompanied by the laughter makes any date night become the best ever.

The Princess Bride

Wow, yet another Rob Reiner’s film that has no limits for viewing, it is fully packed with action, comedy, and drama in addition to the romance that will lift your spirits so high. Feel free to bring on board the amazing characters that will make all your fantasies come true.

Roman Holiday

Audrey Hepburn, the star in the movie will help you fall in love quickly in this dramatic and romantic comedy. They say that it is hard to go wrong with Roman Holiday. It is well nigh impossible to go wrong with Audrey. The film should, therefore, be your first choice so that nothing in your first date, nothing goes wrong.

Love Simon

This film is slightly unique in that it is centered around a teenager who is trying to accept himself as a homosexual and move forward whilst being true to himself. At one point, he gets in touch with another closeted gay man in his class through an e-mail. This doesn’t mean that the film is not ignited, no, in fact, it requires the ribs because once you start watching it, you won’t help but laugh till your throat becomes sore. Be sure to check it out in your personal list of comedies.

The Best Rom-Coms For a First Date

The Big Sick

This romantic comedy is adapted from the real-life couple Kumail Nanjiani and Emily V. Gordon. This Michael Walter directed film should be the first option as it particularly focuses on life after the dates and certainly sets the date to commence on a right note.