Best Comedy Films To Watch

If you are bored and want something to bring joy and relax your mind, comedies are the best to watch. They are exciting and the humor they hold is enough to brighten your day. Hollywood has a number of comedies from different producers. The comedies tend to have different themes but they are all amazing. However, there are others that are the best and you must watch them.

There are many comedies in the market and you have an option to choose from a variety. There other comedies that do not sound like comedies but they are. They always come to the rescue when you really need a laugh. The directors of comedies always consider the viewers and therefore they have come up with good pieces of comedy films.

Besides knowing that comedies are exciting, there are others that have been ranked to be the worst due to their low ranking by the viewers. This however has not discouraged producers from making more films. It encourages them to produce more that are a better version of the past.

There are amazing comedies is the market. They include:


Seth and Evan are planning on scoring high scores and have a graduation party. However, their dream is short-cut by two police officers who make this mission complicated.

The Hangover.

Two days before his wedding, Doug and his friends go to have fun in a party. The next morning, they wake up and they have no memory of what happened the previous day. They have to trace their friend and take him back home in time for the wedding.

Shaun of the dead.

Shaun has an easy life and he is either working on his electronics or living with his friend. Shaun’s girlfriend, Liz, wishes that he grows up and becomes a man. When there are zombies in the town, Shaun has to protect both his mother and girlfriend.


Passengers in a plane are affected by food poisoning. This becomes a problem and a drunkard pilot has to co-operate with his ex-girlfriend to land the plane safely.


Annie is a single woman and she has a life that is messed up. She finds out that her best friend is engaged. She has to be the maid of honor when her friend gets married. She leads other maids down the road to the wedding in order to make it perfect.

There are also other comedies that might interest you like:Groundhog Day,the40-year-old virgin, Wedding Crashers, Old School, knocked up, Step Brothers, The Big Lebowski, Dumb and Dumber, Hot Fuzz Anne Hall, Ghostbusters, Meet the parents, Clueless, American pie, Jump Street, The Dictator Deadpool, Office Space, this is the end, Best in show, Lady Bird and Trainwreck.

These comedies are among the best among the Hollywood films. For those who enjoy comedies, this might be the best shots to take to make you smile daily. Those who have not tried before can also have fun watching them.