The Inbetweeners Movie | ⭐⭐⭐

Release Date: 17 August 2011 (UK)
Cast: James Buckley, Simon Bird, Blake Harrison, Joe Thomas
Rating: R
Running Time: 1hr 37min



Plot Summary:

The Inbetweeners Movie follows teenage misfits Jay, Simon, Will, and Neil who decide to spend their summer holidays on a booze-fuelled adventure to Malia, Greece after finishing school. The friends wind up arriving at a terrible, run-down hotel that is nothing like the luxury paradise in the pictures. They shouldn’t have let Neil make the booking! The guys try to make the best of a bad situation, and head out on the town, ending up at a quiet bar.

Here they meet four girls and somehow manage to arrange for a meetup the next day. Simon then spots ex-Carli with her new boyfriend James, who tells him she’s going to a boat party later in the week. Simon promises to meet her there, and tells the boys, leading to an argument and eventual fight between him and Jay. Jay storms off and angrily tears up surprise boat tickets he had bought for the group, while Simon is convinced to sell his clothes to James for a boat ticket – which never materializes.

Later, the friends meet back at the quiet bar and make up, where they meet the girls who suggest they go skinny dipping. After a few mishaps, they meet up the next day and get tickets for the boat party. Lucy, a girl who Simon has shown interest in, gives him her ticket so he can go to the boat party to see Carli, and stays behind on the beach. At the party, Jay reconciles with one of the girls, and starts dating her, Neil kisses one of the girls, and Will grows closer with the other. Simon eventually realizes Carli is an awful person and dives into the ocean to swim back to Lucy.

After Simon is airlifted out of the water by an ambulance, the boys decide to stay in Malia a little longer and spend the rest of their time there with the girls, and everyone has a happy ending.

the inbetweeners movie review


The Inbetweeners Movie is a spinoff of the hugely popular British sitcom about four misfit friends in a London comprehensive school. The reason the show worked so well is because it followed the coming-of-age of four teenage boys who didn’t really fit into any of the school social hierarchies, hence the name. The genius of the show is that all of us can relate to at least one of the characters, or at the very least went to school with people similar.

The Inbetweeners Movie expands on that idea very well, and perfectly captures the sorts of people found on 18-30’s holidays, where the principal focus is sun, sea, booze, and finding romance! The movie’s decision to put Jay, Neil, Will, and Simon in Malia is the perfect fish-out-of-water concept and allows for plenty of cringe-worthy comedy in the process.

While casual observers may find some of the humor a little crude, fans of the TV series will feel right at home watching this. It’s the perfect continuation of the series and a great way of bookending it (though there was a sequel). The cast are comfortable in their characters’ skins by now, and it certainly shows. Overall, this is a very dumb, but very funny comedy about what happens when you go on vacation with your friends, and you have no idea what you’re doing.