Best Motivational Hollywood Movies

We all look for inspiration in different ways. Some people turn to religion; some to the self-help and some crank their go-to motivational tunes while others try to bibbidi-bobbidi-boo their way into realization of their goals.
And us? A good old movie night always can help. Whether it’s a biography of someone famous who turned the world upside down or a tale of overcoming adversity, certain movies just have a knack of lifting us up and inspiring us to do more to be more.
Who hasn’t been inspired by the wisdom of Tim Robbins or the tenacity of Rocky Balboa?
Looking to shake yourself out of complacency and get a little fired up? These films should do the trick.

Lion (2016)
In Lion, the truth is more grand and unlikely that you’d ever believe in a novel. When he’s five Saroo is separated from his older brother on a trip away from their rural Indian Village. After surviving for months in Kolkata, Saroo is eventually taken to an orphanage and adopted by Australians. Though he grows up in a loving household, memories of his former life haunt him. Then when technology of Google Earth becomes available, Saroo commits himself to finding his lost home, even though all he remembers is the presence of a water tower and the number of days he was on the train. Lion is based on the true story of Saroo Brierley.

October (1999)
In this movie based on the true story, Homer Hickam, the son of a West Virginia coal miner, breaks from his expected path and finds a passion for rocketry. With the help of an encouraging teacher, Homer and his friends shoot for the stars. Its’s one of the ultimate feel-good movies.

The Theory of Everything (2014)
Eddie Redmayne for his movie portrayal of theoretical physicist Stephen Hawking. The biopic captures Hawking’s fight to have his brilliant discoveries communicated to the world, pushing back against the physical limitations of his motor neuron disease.

Selma (2014)
Who’s more inspiring then Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.? Ava DuVernay’s Oscar winning drama about King’s fight for civil rights and the events leading up to his march on Washington is moving and motivational. A true testament to the ability of one person to make a difference.

The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
Every word out of Morgan Freeman’s mouth will have you nodding your head in agreement. This drama starring Morgan Freeman (Red) and Tim Robbins (Andy) is about much more than just prison life; it’s about holding on to hope, letting yourself live, and tap-tap-tapping away at those goals.

Spirited Away (2001)
Feeling worn down by the monotony of adult life? Recapture the whimsy, imagination, and occasional terrors of being a child in a confusing with the classic Japanese film, Spirited Away. The plot is wacky. Chihiro and his parents turn off the road to an enchanted market. Her parents turn into pigs after eating the food, and Chihiro gets recruited to work in a spa for the spirits. Despite the spirits effort to erode her sense of self, Chihiro remains determined to save her parents.