Some evergreen & must watch Hollywood movies

Hollywood cinema is the most renowned place for production of movies. Every year amazing movies are released by them which keeps us stunned. There are number of movies which have left the audience speechless and have left their mark in people’s mind. The list is quite long but following are some of the outstanding Hollywood movies which will remain evergreen.

Inception – It is one of the best Hollywood movies which have a very different and unique story line. There are only few such movies which has great star cast, unique script, real effects, amazingly produced and directed. In such movies, it is very difficult to find a flaw and Inception is one of them. You can watch it hundred times but still can watch it more. No one can get bored from this movie.

Film Synopsis – Dom Cobb is playing as thief in this movie and he has the ability to enter into people’s dreams and then he can steal their ideas. Due to this ability, he is given a task by corporate espionage on the cost of his loved ones to plant an idea in mind of someone.

Harry Potter – Harry Potter is a film series which is based on a novel “Harry Potter” written by J.K.Rowling. No doubt the author has written a great fictional novel but it has been directed in a great way. The effects are so real that one feels that he is actually in the movie and everything is happening in real. This movie has 8 series and when you are watching the 8th part, you will actually feel sad that it’s going to end. You feel addicted to its series when you start watching it.

Twilight – It is again an amazing story of a vampire who falls in love with a human and then the story goes like this. There are many movies already released that are related to the vampires but in this movie you will see the new, handsome generation of vampires. Everything is directed according to the current trends. You can also call it a love story but a different one.

Underworld – Again a movie related to vampires and wolves. But it is an action horror movie which has 5 series. The main character of the story is Selene around which the whole movie revolves. There are different twists and turns that you will see in the movie which makes it even more interesting.

Men in Black- It is the story of 2 men working together as secret agents for an organization to save the world from extraterritorial life forms.  The movie has creature effects and great visual effects.

Fast and Furious- It is a perfect movie for those who love racing, bikes, cars, adventure and excitement. This movie has great stunts and an awesome famous star cast.

Jurassic Park – Movie related to the dinosaurs- sound weird? But no it will not look weird when you will actually watch it. In fact you will be feeling that the real dinosaurs are actually around you. Some of the sound and visual effects will actually scare you. But it is a must watch movie. 

Conjuring – Here comes the horror one. It is perfect for those who love horror movies. But don’t watch it alone in the night.

Pirates of the Caribbean- A movie with fun, laugh, suspense, love, wittiness and so many things. Jack Sparrow is playing a great role in this movie and the make-up artist has done tremendously awesome work.

All the movies mentioned above have their multiple series because audience was so impressed by the first that they demanded for further parts.