Top Hollywood Animation Movies

There are many types of movies to choose from and everyone has their taste for different movie types. Animation is one of the movie categories which many people enjoy to watch. Even though the characters featured in animation are not particularly real people, they are very interesting to watch. Many children tend to go for animations instead of other movie types due to the appealing videos and images.

Hollywood has made some great releases that have many views because they are interesting. The movies include:


Miguel dreams of becoming a musician despite the fact that music is banned in his family. His desperateness to prove his talent leads him to the world of the dead and finally the real story behind his family history is revealed.


2. The Lion King.

This animation movie is all about a young lion Simba and his adventures. Simba and his father are lured by his uncle into a stampede of wild beasts so that he can ascend the throne. However, Simba escapes and only his father is killed. After a while, Simba returns as an adult to take back his land from his uncle.

3. Inside Out.

Riley is a happy girl but her happiness fades after she moves with her parents to San Francisco. She tries to be joyful through her difficult moments but stress brings sadness. Her feelings are swept away and the only emotions she is left with is anger, disgust and fear.

4. Aladdin.

Aladdin frees a genie from a lamp and his wishes are granted. He finds out about evil plans for the lamp and princess jasmine. Aladdin saves jasmine and his love for her after she sees him better than he appears to be.

5. The Boss Baby.

A boss baby arrives at Tim’s house in a taxi wearing a suit and carrying a briefcase. This leads to the other babies and him being rivals but this soon stops after it is discovered that the boss baby is a spy on a secret mission.

6. Ferdinand.

This is basically a story about a bull that escapes from a training camp in rural Spain after his father fails to return from a showdown. He is adopted by a girl but his joy soon fades after he is taken back to his former owners. The bull still plots with his friends and breaks free before a bull fight.

7. The Secret Life of pets.

A terrier enjoys a comfortable life until his owner adopts a canine. As they are walking outside, they meet an alley of cats and together they are captured and bound. Snowball comes to their rescue and he thereafter demands that they join his gang of abandoned pets against humans who have wronged them.

8. Peter Rabbit.

Peter rabbit and his three sisters enjoy staying in Mr Gregor’s garden. When one of Mr Gregor’s relatives arrives, he is not thrilled to discover the rabbits. This leads to a scheme against peter in order to get rid of him.

9. Early Man.

A cave man and the rest of his tribe face a lot of challenges in their existence. Lord Nooth forces the clan to dig for precious metals. Dug and his entire tribe come together to rebel against the enemy and defeat him.

10. Frozen.

When the kingdom is trapped in winter, Anna joins kristoff in finding the snow queen Elsa to break her icy spell. The journey is very mystical but they risk everything to save their kingdom.