6 Horror Movies To Give You An Entertaining Scare

Hollywood horror movies are sure to scare the daylights and frighten you. there are Hollywood movies that make you scared, bringing out the worst fears that you will need a buddy to go with you to the toilet, but it is a must to take this terror ride, jump in now and do not miss watching these horror movies.

Horror movies are made aiming to scare, they shocks and yet most film lovers love them. The fact is that every person watching horror movie is aware that they are safe. The characters and plotting are really good, though some are shockingly frightening. A few popular names that are worth watching include:

6 Horror Movies To Give You An Entertaining Scare

Train to Busan

This is a film to get of the zombie films. Train to Busan offers a new zombie genre. People loving zombie, should not miss watching this movie. In this a few passengers are in a train to the Busan city and they get infected that they start turning to eat their fellow passengers as mindless cannibals. This Train to Busan gets the factor of thrill. The zombies are mindless, but are fast and strong and there are many hearts stopping moments in the train.

The Others

Nicole Kidman is one of the best artistes. Her performance in ‘The Others’ is of a possessive mother of two kids living in a remote house. Her children are sensitive to light extremely and must be kept at all times away from the natural light and can the light only of candles. Three servants enter and strange things begin to happen. ‘The Others’ ending is mind-boggling, but is creepy too. You will not know what is haunting the house, though the presence is felt. It is tantalizing. Rarely do you get to find anything concrete, but whatever happens you will be clinging to your chair until the end.

The Descent

This is a movie where a group of women go into an undocumented cave in North Carolina in a remote region. They are hunted by subterranean blind monsters that have hearing sense well-developed. The girls start dying and the intense begins harrowing. Most of this movie is in dark caves and the monsters do not appear in sight, yet offers an immersive experience.

Let the Right One In

This is a vampire film and here a female vampire forms a bond with her and him as he and she. This film is well-made, gory and bloody. The child actor’s performances are superb. The strength of the film is in its art design. It is beautiful and also disturbing.

Stir of Echoes

This movie presents the old school scares. There are only a few things in this film that is not seen earlier anywhere before. However, the strong performances, psychological horror elements, a pathos story, make it truly engaging. It is built up in a disquieting atmosphere. Kevin Bacon is in the lead delivering as a vulnerable, rattled man offering amazing performance.

6 Horror Movies To Give You An Entertaining Scare

Don’t Breathe

This movie has nothing supernatural. The face is scarier and the film gives warning to robbers. It is about three young thieves planning to rob a blind veteran as it may be simple. But, they are wrong. The blind veteran is an army personnel spending life fighting the world. The tension can be felt and is the scariest film having no usual horror tropes.