Scariest Hollywood Movies To Watch

Have you ever watched a scary movie that scared you until you almost wet your pants? Only a few movies can do this to you. There are very scary movies that Hollywood has produced. Apart from being horrifying, they are also interesting and having fantasy narrations that are unique. The six most horrifying horror movies include:


The plot of this movie is based on a young boy Michael who murders his sister on Halloween. He is then locked away till he becomes 21 years and during his transfer for a court date, he escapes and start looking for his next victims.

The conjuring.

This movie is also very scary. The Perrons and there five daughters moved into a new abandoned house. They don’t know the history of the house and they realize there is a supernatural presence. This leads them to invite some investigators into their house. The events in the house begin to be horrifying for them when one of the investigators find out the history of the house.


This is another scary yet exciting movie. Pennywise is a shape-shifting evil that emerges every 27 years to feed on children from the town. There are seven outcasts who are about to suffer the same fate in the hands of the evil. However, they have to be able to overcome their worst fears in order to conquer the evil.

The Exorcist.

This is another exciting movie that also made a huge amount of profit. The movie features a young girl who suddenly starts speaking in tongues and acting very weirdly. Her mother is very worried and she seeks medical attention. This yields no result and in search for help, she contacts a priest. The priest suggests that the girl is possessed and therefore an exorcism must be done on her in order to rid her of the demon.


Ellison is a true-crime writer. He is on a mission to hit the best seller since he has not made it in the past years. He notices a film that has death of a certain family and he wants to solve the crime. He moves to the house together with his family and as soon as he begins his work he finds out that living in the house is very dangerous to his family.

Paranormal Activity.

Katie and Micah move into a new house. After staying for a few days, they realize that there is a supernatural being in the house. They want to capture all the activity in the house using a camera. Terrifying events follow after which they were not ready for.

Horror movies are the greatest in Hollywood movies. They are interesting and scary to the audience. They have been earning a good amount of money for the producers of the movies. They mostly feature supernatural and fantasy activities and the blend becomes great to the viewers. There are many horror movies from Hollywood in the market and you have to choose the most scary to realize the great impact.