Midnight in Paris | ⭐⭐⭐⭐

Release Date: 20 May 2011 (USA)
Cast: Owen Wilson, Rachel McAdams, Kurt Fuller, Mimi Kennedy, Michael Sheen, Nina Arianda
Rating: PG-13
Running Time: 1h 34 min

Plot Summary:

Big time Hollywood screenwriter, Gil Pender enjoys his life. He earns good money, everyone wants to work with him, he likes what he does, and he’s engaged. But he doesn’t love his life. Gil has always dreamed of being an award-winning novelist, and hopes to move to Paris after he and his fiancée Inez get married, so that he can finish his novel on 1920s life in France. As a true romantic, Gil has few things in common with his wealthy, superficial fiancée and her overbearing parents, and hopes this move will loosen her up to the wonders and simplicity of Paris.

One day, Gil and Inez decide to join her father on a business trip to Paris, with their friends Paul and Carol Bates. When Inez ditches Gil for a night out with her friends, Gil wanders the streets of Paris and takes in the sights the beautiful city has to offer – until he is picked up by a 1920s style vintage car, and the passengers invite him to a party.

When he reaches the bar, he’s introduced to Zelda and F. Scott Fitzgerald, but believes their names are just a wild coincidence. However, as the night goes on, he begins to realize that he has somehow been transported back in time, and that the people in front of him were really the famous writers, Zelda and F.Scott Fitzgerald.

Each night, Gil returns to the same spot, gets picked up by the same car and gets taken to the same place where he meets some of the most affluent people of the 1920s – including Ernest Hemingway, Cole Porter, Pablo Picasso, Gertrude Stein and Salvador Dali. Every time he meets these iconic people of culture and arts, he longs to tell Inez, but she doesn’t seem to care. Instead, he finds solace in one of Picasso’s muses, Adriana. With Adriana, he begins to realize what he wants and strives for in his 21st-century life, even though he doesn’t want his Parisian adventure to end…

Midnight In Paris


The midnight hour has always been mysterious. Cinderella loses her slipper and the day finally comes to a close, as a new one begins. But in this case, midnight is magical. Because at Midnight in Paris, the day has only just started…

Through his previous movies, Woody Allen’s love affair with Paris has been prevalent, but Midnight in Paris brings this relationship to a head – and even creates new love affairs between us and the city. As a true nostalgia movie, Midnight in Paris has us longing for times long forgotten, the easy life and a life with meaning. And rather than creating a cheesy wish-I-couldda-wouldda movie, Woody Allen has brought us one of the most magical movies in history, plagued with rawness, emotion, and inspiration.

Although initially confused with Midnight in Paris’ cast choice, we soon realized that it was, in fact, genius. Using a hugely famous and well-recognisable main couple, the movie heightened the idea of 21st-century life – those who have everything, but are still not happy. Through Owen Wilson’s portrayal, we see that despite the money, fame or talent you have, knowing what makes you really happy in life is one of the most valuable traits you can possess.

As well as the storyline and character choice, the production of Midnight in Paris shoots it above your average churned-out Hollywood movie. With picturesque evening shots of Paris, vintage cars, old-style bars, and elegant fashion, the whole movie embodies class and beauty. It’s not shiny, or glossy, or full of artificial images or shots. Instead, the streets, the bars, and the cars are all real. Which is what the movie is all about.