Rocketman- The Review

Not too long ago, we had ‘Bohemian Rhapsody’ which was a smashing success at the box office and worldwide. Bohemian Rhapsody was one heck of a movie that blew the audiences away. The legacy that was cemented by the band ‘Queen’ contributed to the cult following which was coupled with remarkable performances given by some of the best actors out there, with Rami Malek as the lead. However, ‘Rocketman’ is not anything like ‘BH,’

Rocketman- The Review

‘Rocketman’ is less a story about the legend and more a musical. This is a movie that you know, right from the trailer, is going to be different. A big portion of the movie is concentrated around Elton John as an adult performer with a stage presence to reckon with. However, it also shows him as a young boy living with his family. As Reggie, the environment around him that ties in with the drinking and drug use in his adulthood, troubles him.

This movie is R-rated for a reason as it does not hesitate in showing the love affairs and relationships of Elton. It does not shy away from showing his hatred of himself and his self-destructive behaviors.

Dexter Fletcher, who directed the movie, made some very bold moves when he covers a lot of the popular Elton John stories and his early life into his career. The movie feels seamless as it moves from step to step, thanks to the editing of Chris Dickens.

The transitions give this feeling. You will see it when the song ‘Saturday Night’s Alright for Fighting’ transitions you from Kit Conner’s teen Reggie to Elton as a grown man played by Taron Egerton. You will see a lot of great transitions that you will love.

The movie is uncompromising in the way that it portrays what the audience wanted to see. The performances and soundtracks will be sure to grab you and take you to the theatre more than once.

The movie is dark and tragic in a way that will leave you upset.

You will see the Elton John who is good, who is bad and who is three-dimensional. The performance given by Taron Egerton is what sets this movie apart from most biopics. He does his own performing and singing in it. You will see Bryce Dallas Howard play the miserable mother to Reggie, who decided that if she is feeling miserable, it would only be fair if the world around her felt unpleasant too. The tension that exists between Elton John and his mother will ultimately push him to become the man we know today.

Rocketman- The Review

Richard Madden plays the calculating John Reid and Jamie Bell plays Elton’s writing partner Bernie. The actors in this movie sink into their roles so fully that it will take you several minutes to place even the ones that you think you know so well.
The movie has a lot going on and you will be impressed as much as you will enjoy it. The hope we have is that you go in prepared to see something quite different from most movies.