Top Classic Christmas Movies

Christmas is the best festive time and there are plenty of modern favorite movies and old-school classics offering the moviegoers plenty of cheer. With the lights twinkling and trees going up, you can get into the Christmas spirit. Here are some of the best Christmas movies that will make you forget everything and you can embrace cheer and joy as you head the Christmas season.

Top Classic Christmas Movies

Christmas with the Kranks (2004)

The Kranks plan to skip Christmas totally as their daughter is away until she is back home and there is an uproar to celebrate at the last minute the holiday festival. This is a classic Christmas feel offering a comedy of feel good.

Scrooge ( 1951)

This story is about not believing in Christmas. Ebenezer Scrooge, at the festive time is not ready to be bothered with poor. He spends alone the holy night and a skeptical curmudgeon visits a sympathetic friend and paves the way to visit the Christmas sprits, past, future, and the present. This film is about how the old wicked miser admits his errors and how the pale ghosts get that they want and things change.

Miracle on 34th St

You can never go wrong with perennial Christmas staple regarding a man claiming to appear as Santa Claus. This nice old man claiming to be Santa claus is termed as insane, while luckily a young layer defends him in the court and also informs the court that the old man is already doing a real thing.

The Muppet Christmas Carol

This film was produced in 1992 and Jim Henson died in the pre-production stage, but his spirit is on the seamless blend of zaniness and it helps in making the musical Dickens adaptation a triumph.

The Nightmare Before Christmas

The Nightmare before Christmas is a Christmas or can be termed as a Halloween movie. Tim Burton presents a masterful work of visual treats and tricks. It is his knack of doing creepy things in an appreciable way. He is charming at the Nightmare and when a skeleton Santa appear on Christmas, you can feel the change.

The Apartment

Jack Lemmon, a single man allows his co-workers to make use of his home for their affair and one fine day he falls in love with the mistress of his boss. This won the Academy Award for being the best picture. It is the all time great American cinemas and it is also the all-time great Christmas movies that reveal the tale of loneliness and how around 25 December the feel of love is gripping.

Top Classic Christmas Movies

While You Were Sleeping

With Die Hard becoming to be termed as a Christmas movie, even ‘While you were sleeping’ came into the list of Christmas movies. Sandra Bullock saves on Christmas Day a man who was in front of an L train and finds herself in a predicament. She admires the man for some time and says ‘I was to marry him’ and a nurse mistook the meaning that he is her fiancé. Soon, she becomes friends with the family and ends up falling for his brother.