Hollywood’s Influence On Society

Hollywood has been a consistent source of entertainment that has an immense impact on the society. The position of Hollywood in the American Landmark was strengthened during 1920-40s when its influence and profit gradually increased. Hollywood is not typically American but it is a pool of creative resources which have made it internationally famous for entertainment production. The movies portray liberal values that bear universal importance such as women empowerment, success through dedication and hard work.

Common man got to know a number of talented performers from the musical background such as Frank Sinatra to the brilliant Oscar-winning actors such as Gregory Peck, Michael Douglas etc. The voice of such powerful persons inspires many people around the globe.

Hollywood is termed as a liberal thinking syndicate. It strongly supported and spread anti-war messages during the 9/11 incident in 2003, when George Bush wanted to move the troops to Iraq. Even the prominent celebrities such as Sheryl Crow, Martin Sheen, and Alec Baldwin appealed the US government to bring back the troops. Their anti-war statements to avoid nuclear warfare threat were quite influential as this was being telecasted by every news channel repeatedly.

Owing to the Hollywood’s widespread impact, its call to an action or its urge to the people to get engaged in social responsibility creates a significant outcome. This is evident from the fact that, in 2005, many eminent celebrities joined hands with the Red Cross in its campaign to help the New Orleans victims of the Hurricane Katrina disaster. They even asked the public for donations to help them. Thus Hollywood plays a significant role in voicing its belief in socio-political issues and consequently initiating thoughtful actions. The Hollywood movies convey important developments in science to its audience. For example, the concepts such as cross-fertilization provide a new perspective to the movies, most of which are superhits.

The fashion sense of people is greatly influenced by the Hollywood actors and actresses in the movies. People follow the fashion sense of their favorite idols, to look like them. Even the celebrities’ makeup and work out have an immense effect on the people.

Besides the positive impacts, Hollywood has certain ill effects on the society, especially on the children. It indirectly promotes that smoking cigarette is fashionable and cool. The violence shown in the movies, Tv shows as well as in the games are quite harmful. Taking the example of video games, children win based on the number of people they kill. Such things create negative mindsets which can prove to be quite harmful for a nation in the long run. Thus indirectly Hollywood inculcates a violent behaviour among the teenagers. Thus the video games and mass media which were once purely an entertainment source, have become critical factors that negatively impact the mental health of people and children in the society. This is a potential cause behind the violence and criminal acts in the society, making it a serious concern.

Though Hollywood is undoubtedly among the largest entertainment media markets with a huge success, it needs to understand the gravity of certain ill impacts it has on the society. Then only it can be a boon for the society besides being the ultimate entertainment.