Challenges Faced By The Film Industry Today

Today, the film industry is witnessing some key trends which might have a direct impact on shaping its future. Cinema is a technological art whose trends and challenges are entwined in the business, technology, and culture because of its global nature.

  • The shift from conventional TV to the internet:

An increasing shift from the cable networks, DVDs to the internet in the form of Netflix is affecting the cinema in the theatres as well as out of it. By making huge investments in the production of series and features, Netflix has started ruling the internet- streaming business. Amazon has also started a similar business. These players buy quality content from influential filmmakers, to make their contents engaging. Disney would also come up with its streaming service in 2019 and further enhance the strength of the internet streaming businesses.

  • Rising preference of series cinema:

The internet series provide a strong competition to the conventional cinema. This is because people have started loving watching these on their laptop or desktop online instead of visiting the theatres to watch movies. Besides this, the high quality of cinematography even on the small screen provides a theatrical experience. Thus, the series plays a role similar to that of a movie.

  • Enhancement of production and postproduction standard:

This is done by Netflix as it has set its feature projection standard to strictly 4K. This was inevitable in the film industry, but Netflix boosted the pace of its implementation by introducing a sense of competitiveness to do so.

  • Competition between the Tv and Theatres:

Currently, the UHD TVs have a standard that is about 4K resolution compared to the 2K of that of the theatre screens. The TVs have a higher frame rate and higher dynamic range capability than the movie theatres. But by paying a higher price, people can get such quality picture and sound in premium theatres such as IMAX.

Therefore, considering the long-term basis, the future of movie theatre is dependent on its adaptation to the technological change.


  • Lack of variety in the genre:

The growing number of series cinema pose a threat to the film industry as people look out for more original content. The films that lack variety in the genres do not grab the attention of the audience easily. Only those which have uniqueness in their content, reach the audience throughout the world.

Audience look out for diversity in the films, such as a female superhero in Wonder women, fetched the attention of many and made the movie a blockbuster. So, the changing industry should incorporate such diversity by introducing people in various positions of power. We have the example of Patty Jenkins, a female director who successfully entered the top 20 in the box office. Similarly, Ava DuVernay is the first African-American woman who directed a 100-million budget movie.So, we can expect better themes and stories, if people from diverse fields get more involved in making films.