A Recap Of The Game of Thrones Finale

The Game of Thrones series finale left a lot of tongues wagging. The most anticipated show ever begins where Tyrion, Jon, Davos and some soldiers are wandering through the destroyed King’s Landing, surveying the massive damage their queen had caused.

Tyrion goes to the Red Keep by himself, wandering slowly through the debris until he comes upon Jaime’s golden hand. He discovers the dead bodies of Jaime and Cersei and bursts into gut-wrenching tears.

Arya and Jon then make their way to very tall and dramatic stairs. Jon slowly climbs to the top to meet the new queen who is ready to address her army. The queen makes Grey Worm her master of war and declares that war is not over until they liberate all the women and children all over the Seven Kingdoms.

A Recap Of The Game of Thrones Finale

As Tyrion is standing beside the queen, she points out that he freed his brother and committed treason. He reiterates that she has just slaughtered a city and angrily tears off his fancy Hand of the Queen pin. They glare at each other for a second and she instructs her men to take him away.
Jon visits Tyrion, who is now imprisoned. They talk and it boils down to the fact that Jon has to kill the queen.

Dany finds the throne. The walls have fallen and broken debris is scattered everywhere. She’s having her moment, touching and idolizing the throne when Jon shows up behind her. He yells about all the women and children she has just killed. Dany is convinced that her world will be a good world but will not have mercy on all the people who’ve wronged her.
She gets super close to Jon and tells him, “Be with me.” Jon stabs her. He gently lays her on the ground. Blood is coming out of her mouth. She dies. Drogon arrives and sadly nudges his mama a couple of times. He bears his sharp teeth in Jon’s direction and angrily breathes fire towards the Iron Throne. It melts completely.
He gently picks Dany in his dragon hand and flies away into the cloud of ash with her.

A Recap Of The Game of Thrones Finale

Later Tyrion is brought in chains in front of all the heads of house. We find out Jon is also a prisoner. Grey Worm refuses to free him even as Sansa demands it. Tyrion says “The king or queen should do it”.
They realize there is no king or queen. Sansa declares that the North will be an independent Kingdom. Bran is appointed the king of the Six Kingdoms and Tyrion’s his Hand. King Bran decides to send Jon right back to the Night’s Watch as a life sentence.
The series finale ends with Arya leading ships West of Westeros. Sansa is crowned the King in the Independent Kingdom of the North. Jon is reunited with Tormund and Ghost. They lead the freefolk past the wall, where zombies are gone for good.

And Now Our Watch Is Ended”