Top Moments in Game of Thrones

The new season of Game of Thrones is just around the corner. Unfortunately, this also means that it is the culmination of the entire fantasy epic. All seven seasons worth of build up is to end in this single season.

Like many epics, there will be moments that stand out from the rest. Game of Thrones is one of those shows that will have many memorable moments.

Top Moments in Game of Thrones


In the third season, that was when we learned what really happened when Jaime Lannister killed the Mad King, Aerys II Targaryen, and earned the nickname ‘The Kingslayer’.

This revelation was revealed to the public during his conversation with Briene of Tarth. He confessed that the only reason he killed his ward was because he was asked to bring his father’s head, and also his pyromancers to burn the entire city to ashes. At that moment, Jaime acted to save the lives of thousands, regardless if it tarnishes his name forever.


The biggest cliffhanger in Game of Thrones history was when it was set that Jon Snow was to come back after stabbed multiple times; betrayed by his “brothers” from the Night’s Watch. It was what everyone was looking forward to.

With that one gasp of air, breathing in life to Jon’s dead body, everyone rejoiced. However, for such a big event, the creators of the show decided to let the audience wait a little longer and revived him in the second episode of the season.

Top Moments in Game of Thrones


This death was a huge moment in Game of Thrones. Even the director of the episode said so, and that made it hard for them to start the next season, especially when they realized that they killed off their supposed to be main protagonist.

However, the impact of Ned’s death was that to his two daughters. As we would know, this pushed Arya to become one of the best assassins in the whole of Westeros. Sansa on the other hand had a tough time afterwards, but seeing as to where is now, became better because of it.

Top Moments in Game of Thrones


The ending of the season saw Daenerys’ dragon revived by the Night King. As the episode ended, we see the him use the dragon to burn the entire wall down leaving the entire kingdom open to the army of the undead which will be the catalyst of the last season.


Just because this is the culmination of her entire journey through six seasons. This is also yet another catalyst that urges the entire kingdom to war. Hopefully, this will resolve itself as we run towards the last few episodes of the series.

Top Moments in Game of Thrones


This brought the entire fandom into an uproar. The budget was huge for this war alone, and the aftermath had so much repercussions that it was felt in every corner of the kingdom. However, it was that moment when Jon Snow stood in front of Ramsay’s army that caught everyone’s attention because the possibility of him dying again would be too much.

Seeing how it ended made it all worth it.

The epic fantasy that we all followed, with tears and rage, is finally about to end. Here is to hoping that the series will bring us more memorable moments to look forward to.