Underrated Shows You Need To Watch Right Now

We are living in the golden era of television. Every year new shows premiere and others get canceled. Streaming services are now preferred over regular television by the viewers. The number of TV shows can get overwhelming and really great stories go under the radar.

There is a TV show for everyone and some that become so popular that the families enjoy them together. It is impossible to list all the underrated shows but these four are a clear example.

  • Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (The CW)

What is better than singing your sadness away? That is exactly what Rebecca Bunch does on every episode.

Rebecca is a successful lawyer living in New York City. As her career advances, her motivation goes down. She is not happy with her life and she can only blame herself. After a mental breakdown, she sees one of her ex-boyfriends. He is a happy guy that is clearly living the best life than her. Rebecca then decides to move to West Covina, California trying to find happiness once again. A series of crazy situations ensue as she reaches this small town.

It is a musical and a comedy. Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is one of the funniest shows on TV right now. It has relatable characters and excellent writing.

The show finished his third season in February and was renewed.

  • The Magicians (SYFY)

It started as a little Canadian show based on the books written by Lev Grossman. The Magicians follows the story of a group of grad students that attend a secret university for magicians. They face challenges, enemies and themselves. As they sort through adulthood, they learn about life, magic, and friendship.

The diverse cast is one of the strongest points of The Magicians. People of color, queer characters and strong young women, these are characters that speak to the people.

The show finished its third season, season 4 will premiere in 2019.

  • Sense 8 (Netflix)

From the brilliant minds that created The Matrix, Sense 8 is show by Netflix. 8 strangers from all around the world discover a connection between them. They can visit each other, access each one of the abilities and feel what the others are feeling.

With great power often come great challenges. As they discover their connection, they realize that a group of scientist is following the people of their kind. The group must work together to stay safe and keep living their lives as normal as possible.

Due to the lack of viewers, the show was canceled after the second season. They released a Christmas special between seasons and are set to release the final next summer. All the episodes are available on Netflix worldwide.

  • Legion (FX)

Superheroes movies are popular but the anti-heroes certainly steal the show. Legion is one of those TV shows that can blow your mind with a single episode. The show follows David, a man that struggled all his life with voices in his head and strange accidents. He also has a monster harassing him and a failed love life.

After he tries to kill himself, David ends up in a mental hospital. On this location, he meets a strange woman that makes him question everything. David discovers that he is more than a man with mental health issues, he is actually a mutant. David must learn about his powers and how to control them.

It is not the typical superhero story. David is an unreliable narrator and by the end of the season, the watcher wonders if anything was real. Legion has one of the best casts in modern TV, David is played by Dan Stevens, known for Downton Abbey and Beauty and the Beast.

Season 2 premiere early this year.