Common Misconceptions About Hollywood

There is no doubt that Hollywood is filled with many misconceptions which most movie lovers believe. Behind filmmaking, there is lots of  technical support in action sequences that make for great scenes in films. But in the efforts of adding the action and fiction sequences, certain misconceptions take place between the people who are watching it. Let’s check out some common misconceptions about Hollywood:

Talk about Amazing Misconceptions about Hollywood

Some of the Hollywood movie lover’s things that Hollywood has always remained as the club of boys.  They do think that the system within the studio is coming out to be much terrible for the actors working in it. In most of the romantic films, intimate scenes are done. But those scenes are not performed by the real actors at all. If you think that they are real, then you are completely wrong because they are projected in a way that would make you look like to be real. Noticing the life of Hollywood to be the same as it is onscreen is one of the biggest misconceptions of all.  Hollywood is giving less chance to the fresh faces is another misconception that hit so many minds who are struggling hard to make their way into Hollywood. The reason why you probably look the old actors in the films, again and again, is for the reason that they have great market value and fans love to see them in films more often. It is often believed that the people who are working in Hollywood are highly paid. But that’s not true at all!

Misconception No 1: Everybody thinks Frankenstein is the Monster

There is an also a misconception in the head that everyone thinks that Frankenstein is the monster. This is for the reason that on the real terms, the nameless monster is Dr. Frankenstein’s creature.

Misconception No 2: Sound and light occur simultaneously

In Hollywood films, the sound and light is the entire time taking place on same timely manner. There is no such delay like you experience in real life. This is a big misconception! The sound will be traveling slower than the light so you would be more likely to see an explosion first before hearing it. The same method would be going all around into the concept of the thunder and lightning that is taken to be one of the most characteristic examples of this principle.

Misconception No 3: Slow motion in zero gravity

Last interesting misconception is about the slow motion gravity in the movies. Most of the movies have the scenes that are being depicted into the zero gravity as painfully slow. This is making us wrongly believe that it is what it is normally like.  Things often move faster in the space because there is no gravity to slow down movement. Astronauts move slowly as because they want to get into accidents from pushing off too hard.